5. Does everything matter

    The absolute truth is I want to believe in things. I want to learn, I want to yearn

    How does one undo the habit’s transformation into the lifestyle

    One day you will find
    it was all in your mind

    The key to creatively growing is staying interested. I am currently failing. At both.

    As a creative person, the best gift you can receive from the universe is inspiration. However, the universe will make you work. Sometimes it will drop an idea in your lap and keep it there until you breathe life into it.

    I want to feel what it’s like to feel

    I used to believe I wasn’t human until I cut myself open and bled

    I do not know
    where to go

    I let my past control me. I know it’s up to me to fix that but I don’t know when I will.

    Alcohol is wonderful and weed changed my life, but what I really want is peace with sobriety

    I’ve made enough mistakes for now

    A few growing pains from my phone’s notes